A Day in Tangier

A video version of my Itinerary

Tangier is a city in Northern Morocco, on the coast of where the Mediterranean sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. I went to Tangier in May of 2018 which was during Ramadan. Ramadan is a month of fasting observed by Muslims worldwide. I went to other Moroccan cities like Chefchouen, Marrakech, and Fes during Ramadan and it was still possible to do most of the things on our itinerary. However, that was not the case in Tangier because most things were closed during our visit. There were very few restaurants open so we ended up eating McDonald’s a couple of times.


When flying into Morocco from the United States, it is a lot cheaper to fly into Barcelona first and then fly into Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport using a budget airline like Ryanair. For a list of other budget airlines in Europe, click here.


However, if you are already in Morroco and you want to find a cheap option to get to your next Moroccan city you can always take the CTM bus. This bus is a convenient way to travel between Moroccan cities. I took CTM from Marrakech to Fes, Fes to Chefchaouen and Chefchaouen to Tangier. I would suggest that you should take the buses at night so by the time you wake up in the morning you are already at your destination. This will help you preserve ample sightseeing time during the day. These buses were super cheap and convenient, for instance, we took a 6 hour trip from Marrakech to Fes for a total of 175 Moroccan Dirham which is $18 whereas a flight from Marrakech to Fes would be at least $55. But keep in mind that it does take 1 hour with a plane instead of the 6 hours with a bus. To buy a CTM bus ticket, click here.


I stayed at a hostel called the Dar Omar and it cost under $100 for two people for 2 nights. Currently, the price is listed at $39/night for two people. There are plenty of hostels that you can stay at in the area that might be a lot nicer than this one. The Dar Omar was great but they did not have a lot of options for breakfast but the mint tea was delicious!

Check out hostelworld.com for more hostels in Tangier.


We only had Wi-Fi in our hostel. A few restaurants might have Wi-Fi but I will not count on having Wi-Fi everywhere you go.



We got a driver through our hostel who took us around the whole day for a super cheap price. This was extremely convenient because we did not have to worry about getting multiple taxis throughout the day. So I would suggest asking your hostel to arrange a taxi for you, this way you can reduce the hassle of finding a taxi driver from place to place.

Our driver gave us a guided tour of the city and allowed us to get down when we wanted to take pictures.


After our tour, we stopped by Tangier beach which was empty. It was just myself and Phil(my boyfriend) and one other family and their dog. There was no one there mainly because of Ramadan so we got the opportunity to roam around freely. In my opinion, it really did not seem like a place where you go swimming but it is a good place to relax and enjoy the view of the ocean.


After the beach, we went to Hercules Cave. Hercules Cave is an archipelago cave that is partially natural and man-made. There is a sea window in a part of the cave that is shaped like the map of Africa. There are parts where you have to pay 5 Dirhams to get in but we ended up getting in for free.


After going through the cave we came out and rode Camels on the beach. This was super cheap and we just found a man on the street who happened to have camels and we rode them for around 40 mins – 1 hour. I am glad I got the opportunity to do a camel ride since I did not get to ride one through Merzouga desert(a Desert in Morocco).


Perdicaris Park is a park outside of the main city. It was once the residence of Greek-American playboy, Ion Perdicaris. It is now a park with scenic routes, exotic trees, plants, and a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great place to stop and have a picnic and enjoy the views. Other than that though, there is not really much to do there.


There is a Medina(Market) in Tangier just like many other Moroccan cities. We did not stop here, because we had already been to three other Medinas in Morocco(Marrakech, Fes, and Chefchoauen). But if this is the only Moroccan city you are stopping in, then I would suggest going to the Medina because it is definitely an experience.


A museum in the heart of the Medina that used to be the home of a Sultan from the 17th century. This museum highlights Tangier’s role in being a gateway between Africa and Europe throughout history. It is 20 DH for adults and 10 DH for children.


If you have an extra day in Tangier you can also take a quick day trip to Chefchaouen or The Blue City. The entire city is completely blue and is surrounded by the Riff Mountains. There will be a blog about Chefchaouen next week, so be on the lookout for that.


While in Morocco, it is a must that you try the local cuisine, whether it is a Tanjine dish or a couscous dish. Below are a few restaurants you can check out while in Tangier.

Le Saveur du Poisson
Restaurant Communautaire Darna
Salon Bleu
La posada del hafa
Le Nabab


If you are interested in doing a desert tour with a camel ride while you are in Morocco, I would suggest either starting from Marrakech or Fes. When you start from either of these locations you only need to commit two days and 1 night to the entire desert trip, whereas starting from other locations you need a lot more time because the desert is further out from these locations. Outside of Fes or Marrakech, the tour could take anywhere from 8-10 days. I would suggest making the desert trip the focus of your trip at the start location and then plan every other activity around your desert trip. This will make things a lot simpler.

The desert tour company I would recommend you use is Merzouga Tours. 

A few of our friends used this company and they gave them great reviews in terms of price and quality. Besides Merzouga Tours though, there are a lot of other companies that offer desert tours.

Thank you for reading!


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