5 Reasons to Visit Chefchaouen

A video version of my itinerary.

1. Fewer Crowds

Generally, when we as Americans think of Morocco, we usually think of going to Marrakech, Fes, or Tangier. These cities are often extremely crowded and filled with tourists. Many tourists have complained about the amount catcalling and harassment they face in some of these cities especially Marrakech. In contrast, Chefchaouen is quiet and has a minimal amount of tourists compared to other major Moroccan cities, which makes it the perfect Moroccan getaway.

2. It is an Instagrammer’s/photographer’s dream

Chefchaouen is known as the blue city for a reason. The entire city is painted in blue, from the homes to sidewalks and even the cabs. The different variations of blue provide endless walls that can serve as your background. The homes are stacked on top of one another and built on top of hills. The whole city is like a maze, with its narrow cobble-stoned streets, that cars often can’t drive through. Every corner you turn or stair you climb down will lead you to an Instagram worthy site.

3. A Hidden Gem: Akchour Falls

A trip to Chefchouaen is not complete without a visit to Akchour Falls and God’s Bridge which are nestled within the Rif Mountains. Akchour is a couple of waterfalls within the Rif mountains and God’s Bridge is a natural bridge in heart of Rif Mountains. You can get a grand taxi from the city for a very low price for the 45-minute drive to the mountain to start the hike. When I went on the hike to Akchour Falls with my friends, we made arrangements for the cab that dropped us off to come back and pick us up after a few hours. You can hike up the mountains and they lead to the Akchour falls. Visiting in the summer months from May-July is brutal because of it extremely hot and makes it a lot more difficult to go up the mountains especially if you do not exercise often. Our goal was to make it to the falls but we went the opposite direction of the falls and then ended up hiking for an hour without actually getting to the falls. I think generally the hike up to the falls and back takes about 3 hours, but we got lost and did not actually make it to the falls. Even though many people online say you should not get a tour guide, I would say if you have the extra money then get a tour guide. Having a tour guide would have made our hike a lot safer and fruitful.

4. The Mouth-Watering Food

The food here is phenomenal. There was a restaurant called Bab Ssour that we went to every single day and it each day was better than the last. The food in Chefchaouen was a lot cheaper than the food in other tourist-heavy Moroccan cities like Marrakech.

Make sure you get some orange juice and mint tea while you are there. The orange juice is probably some of the best orange juice I have ever had.

5. It is Extremely Budget-Friendly 

Chefchaouen is a lot cheaper than other cities we visited. The popularity of other locations makes them a lot more expensive for lodging, cabs, food, activities, etc. My suggestion is that if you are visiting other Moroccan cities, wait till you get to The Blue City to do all your souvenir shopping. Not only is their Medina cheaper, but it is also a lot more peaceful shopping experience.

For additional tips on visiting Morroco, please read last week’s blog post about my trip to Tangier.

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