I went to Let’s Hopscotch : An Instagram Art Museum

This past weekend I went to one of those Instagram Art Museums. There are so many of them popping up everywhere these days and although they are seen as a trend, it seems as though they are becoming a stable in today’s art scene.

I visited Let’s Hopscotch Light & Sound, a pop up art museum in Austin, Texas that will opened up from February 14th, 2019 -March 31st, 2019. So if you are coming to Austin for South by Southwest this year, you will be able to enjoy the immersive experience.

The tickets to Hopscotch were $25/person, this includes the $2 online convenience fee. When you first walk in there is a bar where you can buy drinks, they have mixed drinks, beers, wine and some non alcoholic beverages.

Hopscotch’s main focus is to create an immersive art experience for its visitors by showcasing the work of artists, especially artists who are based in Austin. Some of the proceeds from ticket sales will go toward a new outdoor Art Gallery in Austin called HOPE, which will open near Carson Creek Ranch and the Austin airport. There were a total of 13 exhibits in 10,000 sq ft building. Among the attractions is a ball pit.

A few exhibits focus on lights, one of them being a room with hanging light changing curtains. There is a wall filled with lights that you can interact with to change the colors.

Another Cool exhibit has balloons in the air that mimic clouds and a string that you can pull that simulates thunder.

I have included some pictures above for you to get a better understanding of the exhibits.

Check out the @letshopscotch Instagram for more pictures.

Below are some logistical details.


They close at 10:15pm on Thursday and11:15pm Friday – Sunday. You purchase your ticket for a specific exhibit time. For instance, our tickets were for 7pm.

Ticket Prices

  • Ages 13+ : $23
  • Children 4-12 : $15
  • Children 3 and under: free

You must buy tickets online.

To purchase tickets

If you miss Hopscotch in Austin, you will have an opportunity to catch it in San Antonio after March, as they will be moving the exhibit there and installing new experiences.

I hope you get to engage in this cool experience or an art pop that is similar.

Thank you for reading!


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