5 Places to Visit in Michigan This Summer

During the winter months, we often forget how beautiful Michigan can be during the rest of the year. In 2017 alone, more 5.6 million people made a trip to Michigan. If Michigan can be a vacation spot for so many people,  then why can’t it be a vacation spot for Michiganders as well?

Travel can be hard especially when you are working full time. Sometimes we fail to realize that travel does not always have to involve going out of the country or even out of your state. 

The pros of vacationing in Michigan as a Michigander is that it is a lot cheaper than flying somewhere else. Vacationing in Michigan gives you the liberty to just hop in your car and drive. It is the perfect opportunity to take a weekend road trip.

Today, I will highlight five Michigan vacation spots that will take your breath away this summer.

Traverse City and Sleeping Bear Dunes

Traverse City is a city in the lower peninsula that sits on Lake Michigan. Every first week of July, Traverse City has their annual Cherry Festival. Vendors from all over gather to sell items made from cherries like cherry jerky, cherry infused peanut butter and much more. Kids can participate in pie-eating contests, turtle races and more. Adults can enjoy air shows, concerts and more.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is a 30 minute drive from Traverse. Sleeping Bear Dunes are 64 miles of natural dune formations in the northern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula that lead to miles of freshwater beaches.

More about the cherry Festival

Mackinaw Island

Mackinaw Island is probably one of my favorite places in Michigan. It is an Island located on Lake Huron. The great thing about the Island is that there are no cars. There are horse-drawn carriages and bike rentals for you to get around. To save money, I would suggest getting a hotel in Mackinaw City and then taking the ferry to Mackinac Island because hotels on the Island are extremely expensive.

The Lilac Festival happens on Mackinaw Island every year at the beginning of June for about 10 days. During the festival, there are concerts, wine tastings, a Parade and of course lots and lots of Lilacs blooming.

Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls are two waterfalls on the Tahquamenon river that appear brown because of tannins leached from cedar swamps. The falls are located near Lake Superior in a city called Paradise, Michigan. While at the falls, we stopped by Brown Fisheries Fish House to get some great tasting fish. Stopping by Brown Fisheries was the best way to end a long day of hiking around Tahquamenon Falls. Please make sure you bring a pair of tennis shoes for the hike.

Pictured Rocks

This last place is the only place on the list I have yet to visit.  Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is probably one of the most beautiful places in all of Michigan. Pictured Rocks are sandstone cliffs that stretch for 15 miles on the shore of Lake Superior in Munising, Michigan. The state park has rock formations, sand dunes, and waterfalls.

You could have lived in Michigan your whole life and not even have explored a quarter of the state. Michigan is a huge state with so many beautiful sights to explore. So this year consider visiting these sights especially in the lat spring and summer months.

Thanks for reading!


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