10 Steps to Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Trip

In the past it was common for brides to have a bacholorrete party but lately with travel becoming cheaper and cheaper, more and more brides are planning weekend getaways to popular destinations.

Recently, I was tasked with planning a bachelorette trip for a group of 8. The group was comprised of 2 brides and 6 bridesmaids, so I could not afford to mess this trip up.

It was extremely difficult to find a lot online about the steps people took to achieve an affordable, and fun bachelorette trip for all, so I made it up as I went. Below are some of the steps I took to plan the perfect New Orleans Bachelorette trip. I hope these steps help you to plan your next Bachelorette trip.

Step 1

Pick a location

This is probably one of the most important steps. My sister (One of the Brides) wanted to go to New Orleans but her biggest fear was that it would not be cheap enough. So after much back and forth we decided on New Orleans and I promised to make it affordable for everyone. It is important to ask the bride the vibe she wants from the bachelorette trip, whether it is a chill weekend getaway in the country or a party filled weekend in the city. I would suggest asking the bride which locations she has in mind and then creating a survey to see which one of the locations are the most popular amongst the group. Including sample activities and prices in this survey might help people decide on which location they would prefer. See step 4 for help on creating a budget.

Step 2

Pick a date that works for everyone

For us, both brides knew that they wanted a trip in the summer specifically in June because it was my sister’s birthday month. Utilizing tools like survey monkey helped us to the decide on a date that worked best for everyone.

Step 3

Decide on Housing

I found a few accommodation options between hotels and airbnbs and got the prices for each option. I did a lot of research on each location to ensure the safety of surrounding areas and also its proximity to popular activities in the area.

I found three Airbnbs which were all super close to the French Quarter and I had the girls vote. Most of them voted based on the location’s proximity to the French Quarter and the Price.

Iberville Quarters 3

 Large Apartment w/Balcony 9 min walk to French Qtr 

Majestic Marigny Home

When it comes to housing you will have to decide how you want to deal with payment, whether you want to pay for everything upfront and then get money from your guests later or get your money first and then book. I did the former and paid 100% of the cost of the airbnb at first and received my money in installments from the guests after. I made sure I received everyone’s payment at least 1 month prior to the trip.

Step 4

Create a sample itinerary with a budget

After housing, you will want to figure out what activities you all could do and how much each activity will cost.

What I did was I looked up the popular activities that people usually do in New Orleans. I found the exact price of each activity and also looked up the refund policy especially for activities that were outdoors, just in case there happened to be bad weather. Also speaking of bad weather, I made sure I found activities we could do for each day in case of bad weather.

Below is my One Day New Orleans Itinerary to help you find the perfect activities for your weekend in the Crescent City.

Step 5

Send out a survey to make final decisions.

Surveys were extremely instrumental in the planning of this trip. It helped making decisions so much easier. This survey can include the options for dates, housing, and activities. We utilized surveys to make all decisions. I utilized two surveys: one to determine initial logistics like dates and to gauge interest and the other to decide on accommodations and activities.

Step 6

Book Housing and Activities

Once you have the results from the survey then you book the housing and the activities. See step 3 for more information.

Step 7

Order all Party Favors and Decorations

I ordered most of my party favors on Etsy and Amazon. I wanted to know I got enough decorations for every room in the house before arriving in New Orleans. I also got party favors for each of the girls, which they received when they walked in the house. The party favors were customized shirts, a small bottle of wine, a to go container for drinks (since you can carry open containers of alcohol in NOLA) and Mardi Gras Beads.

Step 8

Send out Final Reminders and Coordinate Airport Pickups

I made sure I found out everyone’s flight arrival time and then made sure that everyone coordinated to carpool from the airport to the Airbnb. Then I also made sure to send out the following things:

  • Address and Lockbox Code
  • Final Itinerary
  • Any final balances for activities and housing
  • Packing list

Step 9

Arrive Early and Set up

I made sure to arrive hours before everyone else, so I could decorate the airbnb and also put together the gift bags for all of the ladies. I also made sure to use this time to order food, beignets and drinks for the entire weekend. I got a car for the first few hours of the day to make running errands a lot quicker. This early arrival allowed me to chill the drinks before hand and set up all of the games we would play before going out. Make sure you stock up the fridge with snacks, water and alcohol before everyone arrives.

Step 10


Last and Final Step would be to enjoy the moment and take lots of pictures. I had a camera with me to capture the moment. If you have the time you can also set up sometime with a professional photographer, because we wanted to keep the trip affordable this was not a part of our itinerary.



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