A Day in Oklahoma City

I am currently on a quest to visit all 50 states in the United States.

So far I have visited the following states:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Washington D.C., Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin,

In total I have visited 18 states and Washington D.C.. I have 31 states left to visit and that seems like a lot if you ask me, but I am up for the challenge.

Recently I found out that one of my friends moved to Oklahoma, and since I was in Texas, I figured I might as well take the opportunity to visit her.

Before visiting Oklahoma, I had a lot of stereotypes in mind of what it would look like, I imagined corn fields, horses, the Old Town Road Music Video, etc.

However, Oklahoma City was not like that at all and it debunked a lot of my views towards Oklahoma, or at least towards Oklahoma City. I drove from Austin to Oklahoma City which took around 5 hours and 30 mins to arrive.

Where to Stay

I stayed at Renaissance Waterford Hotel in Oklahoma City. This hotel was gorgeous and I loved every bit of my stay. This hotel was also around the Heritage Hills neighborhood in OKC, this neighborhood has some of the largest mansions in the city many of which are historic. If you have a larger group, this would be a great neighborhood to get an Airbnb.

Here are other hotels you can stay at:

Colcord Hotel Oklahoma City
21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City
Hyatt Place Oklahoma City / Bricktown

Where to Eat

One thing that surprised me was how vegan friendly the city was. Every restaurant we visited had vegan options on their menu.

Cafe Picasso is great for a bottomless Mimosa Brunch. We bought a bottle of Prosecco and also getting some orange juice and it was so much that we could not even finish the entire bottle.

The food was also delicious and I did not have to sacrifice taste when I ordered the vegan options, everything looked amazing and I loved it. I ended up getting the vegan sliders and fries. The fries were also aesthetically pleasing in their look but not very filling.

Goro Ramen

There were many Asian restaurants in the area and there was even an Asian district. Goro Ramen was a Ramen spot that we visited that had a vegan option as well. A lot of Ramen spots do not have vegan options, so I do appreciate the fact that they had at least one vegan option.

Chelino’s Mexican Restaurant is a Mexican Restaurant in the city’s Bricktown near the canal walk.

Cafe Kacao is one of the best rated breakfast spots in Oklahoma City. We tried eating here but were unsuccessful because of the extremely long wait (2 hours). If you are planning to eat here then please make sure you call hours in advance.

Syrup is a breakfast spot that is down the street from Cafe Kacao and also an extremely well rated breakfast spot.

What To Do

We started our day off with brunch at Cafe Picasso in the city’s art district. After brunch you can explore the unique art shops in the district. It is filled with multiple colorful buildings. My friend and I spent sometime admiring the buildings and also being artistic and using the buildings as a background for a few pictures.

Myriad Botanical Gardens

Then we headed out to the Myriad Botanical Gardens. I have a great appreciation for nature and everywhere I visit I make sure I find a source of nature in that city. It shows me how much the city cares about nature. The easiest way to do this while also supporting the city is by visiting a botanical garden. The plants were beautiful and the set up of the Gardens was quite unique compared to many others I had visited. My one big complaint about the gardens was the heat. The heat was so intense that it made it impossible to stay in the gardens fro more than 10 minutes. Due to this lack of ventilation, we needed many water breaks and could only stay inside the gardens for around 5 minutes. It costs $8/person. If you do decide to visit, please make sure you get enough water and air.

Clarity Coffee

We stopped by Clarity Coffee to grab some of their cold brew coffee. Not only was their coffee delicious but the calm vibes of the shop also gave us the opportunity to sit and chat for over 2 hours.

Bricktown Water Taxi

Then we took scooters to the Bricktown Canal and hopped on a river tour with the Bricktown Water Taxi. The water Taxi comes with a funny tour guide who tells you the history of Oklahoma City by using statues, murals, restaurants and other things along the river walk.

Tour Heritage Hills Neighborhood

Following our feast at Chelino’s we headed back to our hotel, but on our way back to the hotel we stopped by Heritage Hills neighborhood of OKC which was around 5-10 minutes from our hotel. We drove around this neighborhood and had our own mansion tour. This neighborhood has some of the largest mansions in the city many of which are historic.


If you are interested in nightlife activities here are some great spots to check out

Dollhouse OKC
Club One15
Hilo Club

In conclusion, Oklahoma City is perfect for a quick and affordable weekend getaway. The city is filled with lots of delicious, diverse and accommodating food options. If you do decide to check out OKC, I hope you enjoy your time.

Thanks for reading!

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