Playa Del Carmen: Grand Riviera Princess Resort Review

A trip to Cancun is great for relaxation and/or adventure. While you can stay and relax on the beach or at a resort pool all day, you can also catch some adventure with the many excursion companies that are available in the area. It is also a relatively affordable vacation especially with the huge amounts of all-inclusive deals. Today I will be reviewing my stay at Grand Riviera Princess Resort and the various activities I did while in Cancun.

Where to Stay

Cancun has a plethora of resorts. We ended up staying at Grand Riviera Princess Resort. It was an affordable and highly rated option. It was $230/person for an all-inclusive one bedroom for 4 days and 3 nights. The room was big enough for two people and had one large king size bed.

The Grand Riviera Princess Resort is a resort in Playa del Carmen. The pools were a shade of blue as colorful as the ocean. There were palm trees everywhere and it truly made me feel like I was in paradise. It had a little bit of everything, if you wanted a party scene or simply wanted a relaxing getaway with the family, you will find both here. This resort is also on the beach, so you have the choice of either lounging out on the beach or at one of the many pools.

Below are additional Resorts in Playa Del Carmen

El Dorado Maroma, by Karisma
Royal Hideaway Playacar
Ocean Maya Royale
Ocean Riviera Paradise

Getting Around

You can set up transportation with the hotel to and from the airport and also set up excursions with them. Airport transportation is included in the price of the resort.

The Food

The resort had a few options for food. For Breakfast and Lunch, you must eat at the Buffet. However, for dinner you have the option of eating dinner at one of the resorts 10 restaurants or one of the 2 buffets options. You must make reservations to visit one of the 10 restaurants.

The buffet was not that good. I think a lot of the food at the buffet was lacking in flavor. However, the restaurants were pretty descent. All of the restaurants are free except for a place called the Chill Out, which is on the beach. We went to this restaurant and it was definitely worth the extra money. In my opinion, it was the best restaurant on the resort. We ended up getting the seafood platted for 2, it was a total of $48. This meal was definitely more than enough for 2 people. If you have the time and are willing to pay the extra money, then I think you should check out this restaurant and the scenery of the restaurant is definitely worth it as well.

What to do

Besides lounging around at the pool or on beach all day, you can also partake in many excursions. You can book excursions through many channels. Through the hotel, the transportation company at the hotel, trip advisor and many more. We ended up booking through Chase Travel Rewards which is made available to you if you have a travel rewards card through Chase Bank. This was where I saw the cheapest option for most of the excursions. Through this option, each excursion was discounted 15-20%. We did the ATV, Zip-lining, and Canotes with lunch. We paid $68/person as opposed to the $120/person through the hotel and transportation company.

They had additional excursions like visiting Chichen Itza, Underwater Museum, swimming with Dolphins and more. You can only use the Chase Travel Rewards to book an excursion if you have a travel rewards credit card with the company.


There were night life options for both adults and children. For the adults there was a bar, a club and a casino. The music at the club/disco was sort of subpar and the music at the pool and beach during the day were actually a lot better than the one at the club. For children and families, there is a live band that plays every night, bingo and an option of a play (the play of choice during our trip was Aladdin).

In conclusion, Cancun was a great time and my stay at the Grand Riviera Princess Resort was enjoyable overall. There were a few things I wish were better like the food. When picking a resort it is important to read reviews and prioritize the things you find most important. If you do decide to visit Cancun, I hope you enjoy your trip and I hope this review is helpful!

Thank you for reading!


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